Who am I? Well, first and foremost, I love Jesus! I am by grace alone a child of God! I have an awesome husband who is the peanut butter to my jelly...if I liked peanut butter, which I sorta don't and if I wanted to compare myself to jelly...which I also don't...so I'll just leave it at, he is a rockstar! I have 4 incredibly unique and totally awesome kiddos who we homeschool. When I am not behind the camera, I also design and create products for other photographers, web designers, and scrapbookers! I am also a runner, reader, and can recite almost every line to The Princess Bride. Yes, that is talent people! Thanks for stopping by Urban Wings Art!


I am Nicole’s mom which makes me the grandma to those spunky kiddos! I am also married to a wonderful guy, who’s my best friend! When I'm not behind the camera, I work at a Fortune-500 company downtown. Like Nicole, I will go that extra mile to make you and your family feel comfortable during the photoshoot! We want to help you feel as beautiful as God has created you! Thanks again for stopping by! Be sure to click around and find out more about Urban Wings Art and all we have to offer!

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